Reiki is a completely safe, natural and holistic method of hands-on healing with the intention of helping your body, mind and spirit heal itself. Reiki can be a powerfully relaxing, yet gentle holistic therapy that aims to support your body’s own healing mechanism and improve your energy levels. It affects each individual in a very unique and personal way. The results are determined by the needs, which are not always obvious, of the person being treated.

Common reasons people turn to Reiki therapy:

  • For healing
  • For energy amplification & balancing
  • For stress, Toxic & Emotional releases
  • For cleansing
  • To increase awareness & creativity
  • Find out what Reiki therapy could do for you!

    To find out more information and to book contact Vanessa:
    Phone: 0771 359 8208

    Personalised and highly effective

    Clint is amazingly good at keeping the session interesting as well as listening to your body and tailoring it each week. He is full of things to think about away from the gym as well so really beneficial and he was always understanding when i hadn’t been healthy. You can see he is generally enthused by all things health so make sure you ask him what his latest ideas are. Also great for people like my wife who is not very sporty.


    Small boutique one 2 one gym, nowhere to hide!

    Great people available at your convenience and ready and able to encourage you to achieve your goals.


    I’ve tried to do training on my own many times and never thought I’ll enjoy personal training so much. I like the studio and the environment at ICE. Lea makes my sessions very enjoyable and I love training with her.

    Peter Moloko

    I don’t like to train on my own, so I was looking for a PT that will help me to get into shape before summer. I love the environment at ICE fitness, everyone is very friendly and Lea did an amazing job with getting me back into shape!

    Katja Schiavone

    Clint is a fantastic. He helped me increase mobility and flexibility following a slipped disc in my lower back. Over time and with great care, he rebuilt my fitness and core strength.

    Alex New